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Getting a Tattoo at Parliament House Studio.

So! You've finally booked in for that tattoo you've been dreaming about. What's next?

When you arrive for your appointment your artist will have the design ready to show you, it is really important that we receive all reference photos and design notes prior to the appointment. This allows us to spend plenty of time designing your tattoo.

Feeling unsure? Did you know you can email us to organise a phone or zoom consultation with an artist to discuss your design.

We will provide you with plenty options of sizing for your tattoo, we will then create some stencils from your preferred sizing and apply the stencil transfer to your skin. - If you're torn between a few different areas for placement we can apply the stencil to these areas to help you make your decision.

Now it's time for the fun part! Some areas can be a little bit more spicy than others, but generally expect something similar to cat scratches. If you're worried about the pain here are some tips and tricks to put you in the most optimal position to be tattooed:

Have a good nights rest prior to your appointment.

..and definitely don't be hungover. A good nights sleep is paramount to having the physical and mental energy required to have an easy breezy tattoo session.

Eat some yummy food!!

Bring a distraction with you

Awesome! You are now officially the owner of your brand new tattoo. Now it's time for us to show it off and take plenty photos. We will forward these to you, if you haven't received your photos within 7 days email us so we can follow up. :)

Once we've done our cool mini photoshoot we will discuss aftercare, we use the 5 day opsite method with the majority of tattoos we do. After cleaning and wrapping your tattoo we will take payment (please bring cash) and provide you with our written aftercare information. If you ever have any questions about aftercare please message the mobile number from the reminder text anytime. :)

..And thats a wrap! We want to make this the most seamless experience, so help us help you. If you have any questions, want to make any changes, unsure about anything, please reach out to us before your appointment date. We love to hear from you, there is no such thing as too much information. <3

Lots of Love!

Parliament House Studio

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