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How to look after your new tattoo

After getting a tattoo at Parliament House Studio we will provide you with written aftercare information in a cute little package. But let's go into more detail here. This article will inform you of the healing processes, the do's and don't, the best products to aid in healing and how to look after your tattoo long term.

There are 2 different healing methods we use, the main method is using a protective film, and the second is manual healing.

Protective Film Method:

What is a protective film?

We use a hospital-grade adhesive protective film. It is waterproof and has an antibacterial barrier that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from entering. It is also breathable, allowing oxygen in and excess moisture to exit.

What are the benefits?

Peace of mind! For both yourself and us, knowing your tattoo is safe and protected under its special wrap. The theory behind us using this method is that the wrap tricks your body into thinking it's already scabbed, which helps us negate that period of healing.

Day 1-5 healing process:

You have 3 things to do during this period:

  1. Leave it alone: No picking, or scratching.

  2. If you're going to be out in the sun, keep it covered with clothing.

  3. No swimming, hot tubs or soaking.

After 1 day you are expected to see some slight cloudiness and excess ink under the film, especially in heavily saturated areas. This is no cause of concern, this will dry and give off a dust-like appearance. Be aware that it is there when dressing and undressing, being mindful to not snag the corners. If the corners do become unstuck you can trim them, tape them back with micropore, or if the film has come off to the point where the tattoo is exposed; follow the manual healing process instead. If it comes off before day 3 you can also re-apply.

How does it come off?

Day 5 is here! Time to take off your film. We recommend taking it off in or after a warm shower, the steam will help loosen the adhesive. Peel the film against your skin instead of away. Wash your tattoo with some warm soapy water, allow it to fully air dry, and then apply moisturiser. Going forward, if your tattoo looks ashy or shiny, apply some moisturiser. :)

In summary, this is our preferred healing method, however, it's not suitable for all tattoos, tattoo placements or people (I'm talking about you- adhesives allergy). So let's move on to our 'manual' healing method.

Manual Healing Method:

Why is it called manual healing?

This is a more hands-on healing process, you have to aid your tattoo and help it heal, in comparison to our protective film method. Now don't let this scare you away! We will arm you with all the information and knowledge you need.

What are the benefits and who is this for?

We recommend this method for people who suffer from adhesive allergies, people with sensory sensitivities who may not feel comfortable having a film adhered to their tattoo for 5 days, and people who get their tattoo in a place that wouldn't work well with the film.

This method will keep your tattoo moisturised throughout the process, while the cream will assist in helping your skin heal.

What should I avoid?

For the next 2 weeks we advise against:

UV!! I will go more into detail about this later on

Hot tubs and swimming

Fake Tan/anything similar.


Day 1:

-Keep the cling film on for 2-3 hours, or until you get home. Take off the cling film and wash your tattoo with some warm soapy water. Make sure you have clean hands when doing this. We recommend doing this in the shower. When washing your tattoo be gentle and do not use a sponge or loather, just your clean hands gentling washing your tattoo in a circular motion is all you need.

-Pat dry with a paper towel and let it air dry completely.

-Apply your tattoo balm, just a tiny amount will do.

If you're worried about the balm potentially grease staining your bedding or clothing we recommend re-applying some cling wrap and securing it with micropore- as long as you do not have an adhesive allergy.

Why use a tattoo balm?

The tattoo balm is an integral part of this healing method. It acts as a barrier, allowing a safe environment for your tattoo to heal, while also keeping it hydrated to negate scabbing.

Day 2-7:

Wash your tattoo morning and night and re-apply your tattoo balm after your tattoo has air dried., following the washing guide from Day 1.

You may see your tattoo flake or peel during this period, this is completely normal and is part of the healing process. Do not pick or scratch your tattoo.

Tip: If you're too tempted to scratch your tattoo, just lightly slap the area to satisfy your urge!

Day 7-14:

Now it's time to move over to a moisturiser! Apply once a day or whenever your tattoo gives off an ashy or shiny appearance.

Expect your tattoo to be healed after Day 14.

Product Recommendations and Long-term After Care

Product: Opsite Post-Op (Roll or Patches)

Found: Chemist Warehouse

Product: Dr Pickles Tattoo Balm

Found: Parliament House Studio, Woolworths.

Alternative Product: PawPaw Ointment

This balm is specially formulated to assist tattoos in healing in the most optimal way. It contains coconut oil which will help reduce inflammation while keeping the skin moisturised. The beeswax will help create a barrier that will protect your tattoo, and the fermented papaya will assist your skin in repairing and healing. These main ingredients contained in this balm will

Product: Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

Found: Chemist Warehouse

This moisturiser works with any skin type, it will keep your tattoo hydrated and prevent your skin from getting dry. It is lightweight and non-greasy so won't stain your clothes. It is non-comedogenic so it won't block your pores too.

Product: La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Range.

Found: Chemist Warehouse, Price Line.

This sunscreen collection is UVA UVB broad spectrum SPF 50 which will protect you and your tattoo from harmful and ageing UV rays We recommend using a broad-spectrum sunscreen whenever you are planning on being outside but especially in the first 6 months of your tattoos life.

Tattoos last forever, so let's look after them by protecting your skin, and wearing sunscreen every day, the UV rays here in Australia are so intense. This is your best defence against ageing. Make sure your sunscreen is SPF 50+ and covers broad-spectrum UV, like the sunscreen range we recommend above.

TIP: Does your tattoo sometimes look a bit dull, or dry? Use an exfoliating scrub and apply some moisturiser.

Any Questions? Feel free to text our mobile number anytime. <3

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